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Belladonna Phenobarbitone tablets

Belladonna Phenobarbitone

Belladonna Soft 2% 3 mg/tab. + Phenobarbitone 25 mg/tab.

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1000 tablets

Belladonna Phenobarbitone tablets has the actions of Atropine which is a tertiary amine antimuscarinic alkaloid with both central and peripheral actions. It has antispasmodic actions on smooth muscles and reduces secretions, especially salivary and bronchial secretions; it also reduces perspiration. It reduces smooth-muscle tone and diminishes gastric and intestinal motility but has little effect on gastric secretions in usual therapeutic doses. Belladonna Phenobarbitone tablets have been used for their antimuscarinic actions in a wide range of conditions, including the relief of gastro-intestinal and urinary tract disorders associated with smooth muscle spasm.

Warning & Precautions
The Belladonna & Phenobarbitone should be administered cautiously to children and to the elderly, in patients with or at risk of urinary retention (including those with prostatic enlargement) and in those with paralytic ileus or pyloric stenosis. In patients with ulcerative colitis its use may lead to ileus or megacolon and its effects on the lower oesophageal sphincter may exacerbate reflux. The drug should be used cautiously in patients with fever, patients with impaired hepatic , renal or respiratory functions and may be contraindicated when impairment is severe.

Product Type

As prescribed by the physician or as follows: - As antispasmodic : 1- 4 tablets daily. - For treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children : 1/2 - 1 tablet one hour before bed time.

Adverse Reactions
Side effects are related to the pharmacological actions at the antimuscarinic activity. These effects are dose-related. At therapeutic doses, side effects include: Dryness of the mouth with difficulty in swallowing and talking, thirst, reduced bronchial secretions, dilatation of the eye pupils (mydriasis) with loss of accomodation (cycloplegia) and photophobia, flushing and dryness of the skin, reduction in the tone and motility of the gastro-intestinal tract leading to constipation. Phenobarbitone may cause: sedation but this often becomes less marked with continued administration. It can produce subtle mood changes and impairment of cognition and memory that may not be apparent without testing. Depression may occur.

Contra Indications

Drug Interactions
The effect of Atropine activity may be enhanced by the concomittant administration of other drugs with antimuscarinic properties, such as amantadine, some antihistaminics, phenothiazine antipsychotics and tricyclic antidepressants. Inhibition of drug-metabolizing enzymes by MAOIs may possibly enhance the effects of antimuscarinics. The reduction in gastric motility caused by antimuscarinics may affect the absorption of other drugs.Antimuscarinics and parasympathomimetics may counteract each others effects. The effect of phenobarbitone is enhanced by the concurrent administration of other CNS depressants including alcohol. Phenobarbitone may reduce the activity of many drugs by increasing the rate of metabolism through induction of drug-metabolizing enzymes in liver microsomes.

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